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Legal Survey Fabric

Sample of Legal Survey FabricThe Legal Survey Fabric (LSF) comprises property-based information regarding tentative, preliminary and registered plans within the City of Calgary. As a site map, the LSF digital map products provide a complete picture of legal parcel information to assist architects, builders, and developers in the planning process.

The LSF provides point, line and topology features, including

  • Registered plan number and shape
  • Block numbers, Lot numbers and linework
  • Legal dimensions & Street names
  • Easements & Utility rights of way

Purchase area-specific LSF mapping products using CITYonline's Map Search Tool by:
  • Use the tool bar tool Draw a Polygon to Digitize an area. Or Use the Select tool to highlight specific layer element, e.g. communities boundaries,​ etc.
  • Click Download>Standard Spatial Data by Polygon or > Custom Spatial Data by Polygon choose Output Data Format and Coordinate system, then Add to Cart

It is extracted and converted into various digital spatial and tabular file formats on a citywide or section-by-section basis.


  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Environmentalists


  • LSF data is used to establish the location of utilities or infrastructure in relation to property.
  • Survey & Development companies use the LSF to locate cadastral pins when they are out in the field.
  • Utility companies use it to determine the locations of easements and rights-of-ways in which to locate their lines.


  • Detailed information on lot lines, utility rights-of-way, lot block, and plan information and lot dimensions
  • Accurate and reliable – updated on a regular basis by The City of Calgary
  • Efficient – licensing process completed in minutes rather than days
  • All are sold by section
  • Immediate download available from CITYonline

Additional specifications:

Plan, block and lot information, derived from legal plan documents, is placed at proper cartographic standards according to existing service level agreements.