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Animal Services

We provide numerous animal-related services to citizens such as licencing cats and dogs, sheltering cats and dogs impounded under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and adoptions to find new homes for impounded cats and dogs that have not been claimed by their owners.

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Responsible Pet Ownership

All animal-related services result from the mandate provided by the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. This bylaw allows Animal & Bylaw Services to work with Calgarians to ensure that cats, dogs, their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony.

Animal & Bylaw Services advocates responsible pet ownership for cats and dogs based on the following five principles:

  1. Licence and provide permanent identification for: cats and dogs.
  2. Spay or neuter pets.
  3. Provide training, physical care, socialization and medical attention for pets.
  4. Do not allow pets to become a threat or nuisance in the community.
  5. Procure your pet ethically and from a credible source.

Under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, at three months of age all cats and dogs residing in the City of Calgary must have a City of Calgary licence.

Licencing fees, not tax dollars, fund the following programs and services:



We coordinate a volunteer animal socialization program – PAWS Pal – to help socialize the cats and dogs awaiting adoption at the Animal Services Centre.
We operate a No Cost Spay/Neuter program for the cats and dogs of financially eligible Calgarians.

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