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Smoking - FAQ


Bylaws related to smoking | Bylaw FAQs by topic

What is the law regarding smoking in public places?

Smoking is regulated under the Tobacco Reduction Act. This is an overview of these regulations, so please refer to the actual legislation for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk's office.

As of January 1, 2008, the provincial Tobacco Reduction Act became law. The act prohibits smoking in public places and workplaces.

The regulation further:

  • Establishes the distance (5 meters) in which smoking will be prohibited from a doorway, window or air intake (further than the previous Smoking and Vaping Bylaw restriction of 3 meters).
  • Establishes the requirements for signs listing tobacco products and prices.
  • Authorizes inspectors to perform their duties as required and establish the responsibilities of inspectors in the performance of those duties.
  • Exempts certain retailers such as tobacconists from the display and promotion provisions of the Act.
  • Establishes requirements for those retailers to be exempt.

Is there a bylaw regulating electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes)?

E-cigarettes may not be used in public places where tobacco is currently prohibited.

One exception to the bylaw is that the sampling of e-cigarettes will be permitted in stand alone, enclosed retail vape shops. This exception does not include smoking e-cigarettes at kiosks located in malls or any other establishments, i.e. restaurants or bars.