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Taxi Stands

Permanent and Late Night Taxi Stands


Stampede Taxi Stands  

Stampede taxi stands are designated areas near Stampede Park where taxis will be lined-up to wait for customers. Two temporary taxi stands will operate at all hours during Stampede. These stands are located at the South and North entrances of Stampede Park. The taxi stand located at the North entrance of Stampede Park will provide priority service to people with accessibility needs as this entrance provides the most direct route to enter into the park.

Stampede Overview Stands
Stampede Overview Stands - click image to enlarge
South Stampede Park
South Stampede Park - click image to enlarge
North Stampede taxi stand
North Stampede Park - click image to enlarge

Late Night Temporary Taxi Stands​

Within Stampede Park there are multiple entertainment venues. In 2018, all venues are closing at 3 a.m. To accommodate the evening rush two additional late night temporary stands will be established.

12 Avenue S.E
12th Avenue S.E. - Click image to enlarge
Macleod Trail taxi stand
Macleod Trail S.E. - click image to enlarge
In addition to these taxi stands, some bars and restaurants will establish their own Stampede taxi stands. The hours for these taxi stands are managed by the bar or restaurant. For detailed information about them contact the bar or restaurant directly.