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YEC Scholarship

The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre (YEC) will be awarding four $1,000 scholarships to YEC clients this fall.


  • Must have registered of re-registered in 2019 to access services at YEC.
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited training, upgrading, apprenticeship or post-secondary program for a minimum of one semester and starting or continuing studies in January 2020.
  • Must not be related to an employee or be employed at YEC.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to create a targeted resume. (Please see How to Apply below)

How to Apply:

  1. Search for a job posting that you would be interested in applying for. Create a targeted resume, as if you were applying to that position. Copy and paste the text from the job posting into the same file as your targeted resume. Save as one document. *The goal is to ensure that you have practiced creating a resume with a YEC employment counsellor and can demonstrate that you know how to write a targeted resume.
  2. Complete the online application form here. *You may meet with your employment counsellor for support on your application. Please provide as many details as possible in your application.
  3. Recipients will be notified in October.

Special thanks to the following companies for their generous donations to the YEC Scholarship: McDonald’s Canada, Mr. Lube and Student Works Painting.

MacDonald's Canada logo

​​​McDonald's® is the leading foodservice company in the world. McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited, and its Canadian franchisees, own and operate more than 1,400 restaurants and employ nearly 100,000 Canadians coast-to-coast.

We believe the words "Welcome to McDonald's®" should apply to our employees just as much as our guests. We're proud of our food, and just as proud of the employment experiences we offer.

In Canada, hundreds of thousands of people have entered the Canadian workforce through the Golden Arches. Many have stayed, building successful careers with McDonald's, or moved on to other careers, leveraging their solid foundation of McDonald's experience. Visit the careers page for more information.

Mr. Lube logo

​​​Getting a good job means finding a good employer. At Mr. Lube, we’re leaders in the market, not just because our customers love us. It’s also because of the fun, family-like environment that our employees experience working in a Mr. Lube store.

We believe that happy employees make happy customers. That’s why we work hard to keep all our staff motivated and excited by the jobs they do. We understand that a strong team makes a strong business, so it’s no accident that our technicians are the best trained anywhere in the industry.

At Mr. Lube, we offer not just a job, but an opportunity to learn, grow and have fun. We promise to make your experience as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. Apply today and take the first step towards a new career.

Student Works logo

​​​Thank you to Student Works Painting for supporting the YEC Scholarship through a generous donation of $500 towards the YEC Scholarship program.


Hiring Events

21s​t Annual Youth Hiring Fair

On Wednesday, March 20th, The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre (YEC) hosted its 21st Annual Youth Hiring Fair at the Big Four, Stampede Park. Over 80 employers and 5,700 youth were in attendance. To receive updates on future YEC hiring events, subscribe to our Update newsletter​.

View the 2019 list of employers.

Opportunity for All Youth

Opportunity For All Youth is a national initiative originated with the MaRS Solutions Lab in Toronto to address youth unemployment. Over five years, the aim is to provide employment opportunities for 40,000 youth who face barriers to entering the workforce. This goal will be achieved through partnerships between employers, employment agencies, governments and foundations. It focuses on the hiring, retention and career progression of youth who are job-ready but have challenges to employment.

The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre (YEC) is a key partner in this initiative. Calgary was the second city in Canada to launch Opportunity For All Youth in September 2018. YEC will contribute to the national goal of hiring 40,000 Opportunity Youth by supporting and preparing local youth who are experiencing difficulty entering the workforce.

YEC will also collaborate with employer partners to establish youth friendly hiring practices, strategies to increase retention, sensitivity training and career progression plans for the participants.

Youth ages 16-24 are encouraged to connect to opportunities, by dropping in to the Youth Employment Centre (2nd floor, 315 10th Ave SE).

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