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Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction funding

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Council approved $3 million for allocation for 2019 and again in 2020 for projects designed to prevent mental health and addiction issues, aimed at promotion, early intervention and/or targeted intervention.

Funding Process: These funds were allocated on a “one-time” basis. No upcoming calls for funding are planned at this time.

In addition, Council approved $1 million for fast pilot projects through Change Can’t Wait!. Details about timelines and process will be posted here.

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Outcome area: Reduced crime

​Organization 2019 Funding amount​ 2020 Funding amount​ ​2019 Funded program
Calgary Alpha House Society
​$274,324 ​$274,324 ​DOAP 2.0: Building relationships with downtown businesses on Stephen Avenue and in East Village, as well as coordinating access to medical, shelter, housing and addiction programs
Calgary Drug Treatment Court Society​ ​​$153,603   CDTC Opioid Crisis Response Project: Assisting offenders with addictions to end the cycle of crime, active addiction and incarceration in their lives

Outcome area: Reduced harm

​Organization ​2019 Funding amount​ ​2020 funding amount ​2019 Funded program
Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary
​​$198,416 ​​$234,947 First Contacts: Indigenous Outreach Program at the Iitaohkanitsini'kotsiio'p Hub: Providing assistance to Indigenous people experiencing opioid and substance abuse crises via Indigenous Hub at SORCe
McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association
​$356,518 ​​$308,926 ​Journeys - Addiction Supports for Women: Providing integrated supports to pregnant or parenting women with addictions to reduce risk factors
RESET Society of Calgary​ ​​$137,980​ ​​$131,290​ ​Exploitation Intervention & Transition (EXIT) Program: Facilitating and supporting safe exit from sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking for women and their children

Outcome area: Enhanced wellbeing

​Organization ​​2019 funding amount ​​2020 funding amount ​​Project name and description
Alexandra Community Health Centre​
​$342,000 ​$342,000 Youth Mental Health and Addictions Integration: Providing an integrated support to youth aged 12 to 24 years to prevent serious mental health and addictions issues and concurrent problems in adulthood 
Autism Calgary Association
​$80,592 ​$80,592 Telling Their Stories: Strengthening Mental Health for individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder through one-on-one Adult Talk Support
Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of Calgary and Area ​$88,095 ​$88,095 Mentoring for Mental Health: Increasing resilience of children and youth at risk of, or who are currently experiencing poor mental health
Calgary Catholic Immigration Society ​​$100,795​  ​$117,646 Centre for Refugee Resilience Family Therapy: Providing counselling and case management for refugee families through a client-centred and culturally-responsive approach
Calgary Immigrant Women's Association ​$114,289 ​$114,289 ​Supports for Immigrants and Refugees with Mental Health and Addiction Issues: Promoting help-seeking behaviour among immigrant women and their families, and connecting them to community resources
Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region ​$263,550 ​$263,550 ​Increasing Social Connections: Providing an integrated mental health and substance use supports that strengthen communitybased mental health solutions and empower individuals and families
Carya Society of Calgary


​​$49,722 ​$49,722 ​Act Out: Providing early intervention, skill-development program for grade 8 students and bridging them to Carya's continuum of support for youth and families
Centre for Sexuality Society ​$85,000 ​$85,000 ​LGBTQ Counselling and Support: Addressing the immediate and longer term challenges faced by LGBTQ community members through counselling and natural support development
​Closer to Home Community Services Society ​$191,837 ​$191,837 ​Community Connections - Mental Health and Well-being: Increasing knowledge of resources, social-emotional coping skills and social supports that mitigate mental health through the Teaching Family Model and parent support groups
Distress Centre Calgary ​$120,615 ​$120,615 ​Enhancing Online Crisis Support: Providing accessible, nocost crisis intervention services that empower community members to make independent choices that enhance their quality of life
​Hull Services ​$211,975  ​$211,975 Bridging the Gap: Providing services to young adults who are experiencing mental health concerns, issues with well-being, and barriers to service to help them access services, learn new skills and strengthen their support network
Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society ​$100,000 ​$100,000 Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Outreach for South Asian Community: Increasing awareness around mental health conditions, symptoms, coping strategies, and resources
​Society de la petite enfance et de la famille du sud de l'Alberta ​​$25,083 ​​$27,983 ​Supporting Mental Health in French: Supporting Francophone families through workshops and activities to promote awareness of mental health issues
Wood's Homes​ ​​$105,606  ​$103,606 ​Exit Youth Hub and Outreach Addictions Specialist: Providing immediate on-site intervention, community prevention and diversion addictions support to vulnerable and at risk youth

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