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Community Services

Updated February 1, 2016

Community Services includes Calgary Community Standards, Calgary Emergency Management Agency, the Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Housing, Calgary Neighbourhoods, Calgary Parks, and Calgary Recreation.

Collage of photos from New Year's Eve 2016

Collectively, we contribute to Calgarians’ well being and quality of life by providing sport, art, culture, leisure activities and parks; strong communities through social connectivity and good neighbour policies; and safety by providing reliable emergency and disaster response systems.

Almost 3,300 full-time equivalent employees work together throughout 199 different locations to create and sustain healthy, safe, caring and socially inclusive communities that people want to call home. Our people are key to our success. They take great pride in responding to the needs of citizens; and we take pride in supporting them so they can safely and effectively deliver quality service.

Visit our business units for more information:

Calgary Community Standards
Calgary Neighbourhoods
Calgary Parks
Calgary Recreation
Calgary Housing
Calgary Emergency Management Agency
Calgary Fire Department

Visit our City Manager's office for more information on our organization.