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Facility features - Wildflower Arts Centre

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Visual arts studios

  • 3 natural light filled visual arts studios designed to meet your creative needs.
  • Studios feature large windows, double sinks, adjustable tables, black boards, sound systems, standing easels and drawing donkeys.
  • Whelan Bouncing Roller Collograph Press used for lino print, collograph and embossing
  • No solvent use is permitted in our studios

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​Ceramics studio

  • Clean, modern, well-ventilated studio with abundant natural light
  • Ceramics studio features large worktables, double sinks with clay trap, slab roller, extruder, plaster slump-molds and electric potter’s wheels
  • Adaptable, wheelchair accessible Brent Potter’s Wheel

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​Kilns and ceramics

Our ceramic facility includes:

  • ventilated electric kilns
  • pug mill
  • wide range of lead-free studio glazes
  • custom firing

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​Sprung dance floor​

  • 1,600 or 3,200 square foot dance and drama studio
  • Studios are well lit and equipped with full-length mirrors, sprung wood floors, 38 feet of fixed ballet barres, portable ballet barres and sound systems.
  • This space is suitable for Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, HipHop and any other soft soled shoe forms of dance.

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Our goal is to have our facility be as barrier-free as possible. We have wheelchair accessibility from our west entrance. We have an accessible pottery wheel in our ceramics studio. This allows someone in a wheelchair (or those preferring to stand at the wheel), to take part in our courses. Our staff can assist you in making a decision about which course is suited to your abilities and interests.

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Wildflower Arts Centre features

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