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Heritage conservation incentives and programs

There are incentive programs available to owners of properties listed on The City’s Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources to encourage the restoriation and preservation of historic buildings and sites. In exchange, property owner agree to designate​ (legally protect) their property.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Heritage grant programs

Heritage grants are programs offered under a variety of terms to help property owners sustain the costs associated with restoration, preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties.

Municipal grants

To be eligible for a City of Calgary Historic Resource Conservation Grant, a property must be listed on The City’s Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and be municipally designated (legally protected) or be in the process of designation.

Applicants are eligible every 15 years for up to 50 per cent of approved conservation costs up to a maximum of 15 per cent of a property’s assessed value (assessed value at the time of application). Applicants are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on eligibility and the application process, please review the ter​ms and conditions​.

Provincial grants

The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation maintains the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program to assist owners of designated (legally protected) heritage properties with the costs associated with restoration and maintenance. These programs must be applied for through the province.​​

Planning & Development incentives

Planning incentives are policy-based tools to help make conservation of Historic Resources a viable option for property owners in the context of redevelopment. These incentives draw from the Municipal Development Plan, the Developed Areas Guidebook, Area Redevelopment Plans for specific communities and the Land Use Bylaw.

Depending on the location and guiding policy, owners may be able to sell unused density through a Density Transfer Program, gain additional saleable density through re-zoning, or receive support for projects involving relaxations or alternative solutions that include the protection of a Historic Resource.​​

Density Transfer Programs

In certain areas of Calgary, property owners of a historic resource who are not planning on redeveloping their property can transfer unused potential density for their site (including any additional density earned through preservation efforts) to other sites under a Heritage Density Transfer incentive. Specifics of a transfer will vary depending on the location, but all density transfer programs intend to offset the cost of retention and upkeep for heritage buildings.

These programs provide a mutual benefit for heritage and non-heritage property owners. Developers looking to acquire additional density can negotiate a transfer with the owner of a heritage site – within the boundaries of each area and program.

For details on Density Transfer Programs, consult the Area Redevelopment Plan​ for your community.​​

Other conservation incentives

There are a variety of additional planning incentives offered for retaining heritage buildings, including but not limited to:

For information about available incentives, please first consult the Area Redevelopment Plan, the rules of the Land Use District, and guiding policy documents including the Municipal Development Plan and Developed Areas Guidebook.

Please contact the Planning Services Centre for site specific questions.​​​​​​​