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Jaipur bridge project

Project update

Join us on Saturday, April 13, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Eau Claire Market to learn more about replacing Jaipur Bridge and the other projects in the Eau Claire area.

As the bridge replacement project and its design evolves, you'll find all the latest information and updates here.


Project Scope

It's time to build a better bridge for people visiting Prince's Island Park and using the Bow River Pathways. Fifty-plus years after it opened in 1968, Jaipur bridge needs to be replaced so we can continue to fully enjoy Prince's Island Park and the area for decades to come. The new bridge will:

  • Meet today's bridge design and engineering standards
  • Improve flood resiliency
  • Fit with the new Eau Claire promenade, public realm, and community
  • Accommodate emergency vehicles that need to access Prince's Island Park
  • Maintain long-term access to Prince's Island Park and the Bow River pathways

Construction of the bridge will be coordinated with other projects in the area to minimize impacts.

Project background

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Built in 1968 as the primary south connection between the Eau Claire area and Prince's Island Park, Jaipur bridge has reached the end of its service life. Its condition has deteriorated due to salt-laden moisture inside the structure. Furthermore, the design of the bridge no longer meets the current demands - it's a popular bridge!

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.

What's in a name? Jaipur Bridge

Jaipur, India is one of Calgary's sister cities. The others include:

  • Daejeon, South Korea;
  • Daqing, China;
  • Naucalpan, Mexico;
  • Phoenix, Arizona and
  • Quebec, Canada

Jaipur was chosen as a sister city to Calgary in 1973 because of common interests in industries like engineering and manufacturing. Jaipur, in northwest India, is also known as the "Pink City" because of the abundance of pink-coloured stone, primarily used for the city's buildings and structures.


As the project develops through 2019 and early 2020, we will add more information about the design process and construction scope and impacts:

  • 2019 - Bridge design
  • 2020 - New bridge construction