Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub

Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub

The Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub is located in the Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. building while it temporarily resides at 381 2 Ave S.W. The Neighbourhood Hub will operate in partnership with cSPACE, who will work with local artists and community members to program the space and provide a place where Calgarians can come together.

Building History

The Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Company building is a well-known historic building in Calgary and is the sole survivor of the Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Company. The company eventually grew to become the largest supplier of lumber in the North West Territories, and after 59 years of operations, the Calgary mill ceased production in 1945.

Attribution: Group in horse-drawn carriage outside Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber and Electric Light Company office, Calgary, Alberta.", [ca. 1890s], (CU1109695) by Unknown. Courtesy of Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Collections, University of Calgary.

Events calendar

Visit cSPACE's event calendar for the Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub.

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This project is being coordinated with the overarching Eau Claire Area Improvements program.

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