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Eau Claire Area Improvements construction and detours

Construction update - May 2024

There will be an increase in construction activity in and around the project site ongoing through to anticipated completion in 2025 (weather permitting).

Work in the area includes:

  • Preparation work to move the Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co. Building from its current location to its final location in the plaza.
  • Heritage restoration and extension of the Lumber Co. Building.
  • Completing the Riverside Terraces, water feature and urban beach elements.
  • Constructing Market Street, completing the central canopy and building the central green.

Please note: The pathway connection between the Eau Claire Promenade and Barclay Parade will also remain closed throughout construction, but access to Prince’s Island is being maintained. Please see map below. Wayfinding signage can be found on the north and south ends of the Plaza site to help visitors navigate the area.

For additional updates on the Plaza redesign, visit our Eau Claire Plaza Redesign page. 

What to expect

The construction work hours for the Eau Claire Plaza are Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.:

  • Sidewalk closure around the site with detours to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely through the area and still access their destinations.
  • To complete the sidewalk and concrete work in the Plaza and Promenade, crew will be in the area doing sand blasting. We do our best to mitigate and control the dust produced but encourage area residents and businesses to close windows and doors to reduce potential exposure to dust.
  • An increase in on-site construction activity, including construction crews, vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • An increase in truck and equipment traffic accessing the construction site(s) and surrounding areas.

Material removal and delivery, as well as on-site flaggers to help direct traffic and pathway users.


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