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Whistle-blower Program: confidentiality and reporter protection

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The WBP supports anonymous reporting of concerns. For those individuals who wish to remain anonymous, reporting online is preferred and recommended, allowing for ongoing anonymous communication with the WBP.

All WBP investigations are confidential and the identity of an individual reporting a concern is disclosed only on a need to know basis determined to be necessary in concluding a matter, or by law.


All WBP investigations are confidential. Communication and information relating to a report will be restricted and divulged only on a need to know basis determined to be necessary in concluding a matter, or by law. This includes the identity of the reporter, the named individuals/parties, or any information gathered as part of an investigation.

Whistle-blower protection

Any City employee reporting a concern to the WBP in good faith may be eligible for protection against reprisal.

Protection against reprisal cannot be effectively provided to non-employees or those who choose to keep their identity anonymous to the WBP.


All investigations will be conducted in accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) legislation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will my reported concern be kept confidential?

Yes, all activities related to an allegation raised to the WBP are confidential. Safeguarding confidential information and protecting the identity of a reporting individual is a critical part of the process. Information related to a whistle-blower report is restricted and divulged only on a need-to-know basis determined as necessary to any of the following: assessment of the concern reported, investigation, corrective action, or in compliance to a lawful order. 

Individuals reporting also have an obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding the concern by not discussing details of the report with others.​

How can I be protected from reprisal for reporting to the WBP?

If you are a City employee, you may be entitled to reporter protection under the Whistle-blower policy, which prohibits any acts of reprisal against employees reporting to the WBP in good faith. Reporter protection cannot be effectively provided to those who report using anonymity, or to non-employees. 

Reprisal can come in many forms, such as demotion, negative changes in duties or assignments, or discipline. An independent review will determine whether activities are acts of reprisal or if they are influenced by factors unrelated to your report to the WBP.

If you believe an act of reprisal has occurred as a direct result of an allegation you raised to the WBP, you should email the City Auditor.​​

Why am I asked for my e-mail address when reporting online?

When reporting online through ClearView Connects, you are provided the option to disclose your e-mail address. Accepting this option allows ClearView Connects to notify you when there new activity is posted in relation to your report. Your e-mail address is held by the 3rd party provider and never disclosed to the WBP or City Administration.​