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All Calgarians, including City employees and service providers, can report concerns of suspected waste and/or wrongdoing to the Whistle-blower Program (WBP).


The Whistle-blower Program was created by Council policy to support The City’s Code of Conduct.

Whistle-blower Policy (Council Policy CP2022-06)

Code of Conduct (Administration Policy HR-LR-005)


2023 Whistle-blower Program Internal Benchmark Report - AC2024-0511 
Cover Report - Benchmark Report


Report Concerns

Report concerns to the Whistle-blower Program.

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Program roles ​​​​​​

City Manager

The City Manager ensures that appropriate Administration policies are in place and maintained to define the behaviours and conduct expected of City employees. This responsibility includes the reporting of wrongdoing and establishing appropriate sanctions for non-compliance, including those established in the Whistle-blower Policy.

City Auditor

The City Auditor ensures that all reports are subject to an appropriate investigation and resolution. The City Auditor establishes a team to conduct investigations, using available resources and processes within The City. The Manager, Whistle-blower Program, manages the investigative team and reports to the City Auditor. Due to the City Auditor’s Office not forming part of the City Administration, it is suitably positioned to provide each reported concern independent and unbiased review.

Triage Team

The WBP Triage Team assists the City Auditor’s assessment procedure. As necessary, reported concerns are reviewed by the Team who helps to determine the resource to conduct an appropriate investigation. The Team contributes knowledge and perspective relevant to each reported concern.

The Triage Team has senior representatives from the City Auditor’s Office, the City Manager’s Office, Law, Safety, Corporate Security, and Human Resources.

Oversight Group

The Whistle-blower Oversight Group supports improved governance resulting from Whistle-blower Program activity and internal investigations. The Group provides advice and resource support to the City Auditor to ensure that substantiated allegations receive appropriate corrective action.

The Whistle-blower Oversight Group includes the City Auditor and senior members of City Administration.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the Whistle-blower Program (WBP)?

Established by Council in 2007, the Whistle-blower Program (WBP) provides a confidential process for Calgarians and City employees to report suspected acts of waste and/or wrongdoing involving City employees, contractors, suppliers, agencies, and commissions over which Council has the authority to require general policies be followed.

Why does the City of Calgary need a whistle-blower program?

Whistle-blower programs in organizations are critical components of effective corporate governance. The Whistle-blower Policy reflects The City’s ongoing effort to support open, ethical, accountable, and transparent local government. The City is committed to creating and maintaining a positive corporate culture in which employees and members of the public report acts of waste and/or wrongdoing, in good faith, without fear of reprisal, and in which individuals are held accountable.​

Why is the WBP operated by the City Auditor’s Office?

The City Auditor’s Office is independent of Administration and reports directly to Council through the Audit Committee. In this capacity, the WBP is positioned to objectively investigate all allegations of suspected acts of waste and/or wrongdoing within Administration, without undue influence. The independence and objectivity of the WBP is further reinforced by remaining impartial and not acting as an advocate for whistle-blowers or any other party in an investigation.

Who will investigate my allegations?

Council Policy CP2022-06 Whistle-blower Policy requires the City Auditor to assign an investigative team to conduct the investigation. The WBP is comprised of certified investigation professionals who bring to The City experience garnered from public, private and government work. Reporting directly to the City Auditor, WBP staff conduct their work confidentially and separately from audit staff.

Policy further allows the utilization of specialty resources within the Administration to assist investigators, as needed to assess, investigate and conclude on allegations.​

What to report?

​​Learn the types of concerns that the WBP investigates: What to report?

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