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Culture in Chinatown

Calgary’s Chinatown is a neighbourhood like no other, with a culture that is meaningful to its residents and all Calgarians. Shaped over a long and difficult history, Chinatown reflects Chinese people’s history, struggles, achievements and values.

The Chinatown community has been the leading voice in its desire to see new initiatives in the neighbourhood anchored in its culture, with development approached respectfully and through a cultural lens.

Chinatown Cultural Plan

Created as part of The City’s Tomorrow’s Chinatown program, the Chinatown Cultural Plan identifies ways to recognize Chinatown’s history, honour its people and culture, and welcome visitors and newcomers. It is the first neighbourhood-specific cultural plan in Calgary and builds on the Cultural Plan for Calgary.

Chinatown activation microgrant

We are offering grants of up to $2,000 to individuals, community groups, businesses, nonprofits, cultural and social groups to activate Chinatown through cultural activity. If you have a project idea that invests in cultural education, invests in the younger population or offers hands-on learning, let’s talk about how we can help bring your idea to life.

See the list of funded projects for the 2023 Chinese Immigration Act centenary microgrant.

Create art and culture in Chinatown

The City supports cultural activations in Chinatown with funding, how-to resources and information on planning events, arts and culture programming, and other initiatives to enhance Chinatown’s cultural vibrancy.

Dragon dance

Featured art and culture in Chinatown

Connect with us

We’re here to support the Chinatown community’s leading role in advancing the Cultural Plan’s strategies and actions. If you have an idea that fits within the Plan, we can answer questions you have about bringing your idea to life. Email for more information.

Cultural Resource Map

Developed alongside the Chinatown Cultural Plan, the Chinatown Cultural Resource Map is an online platform where the community’s stories unfold and are pieced together. Visit the map to learn about the people, places and culture of this important neighbourhood.