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Festivals and Events Planning a festival or event with The City

How can we help

We provide planning assistance such as obtaining permits and funding for your event if you are a private, non-profit, partner organization or group.

Support services updates

As of July 2022, Development Business and Building Services will no longer charge event organizers an after-hours inspection fee (minimum $784.80) for inspections of event tents outside of regular business hours.  

All events are required to apply for a Building Permit if you are setting up event tents, canopies or shelters for temporary special events. A Building Permit and the Development Business and Building Services’ inspections ensure that event tents are set-up safely and meet the code requirements in the National Building Code – Alberta Edition.

The City will no longer provide waste and recycling services for events. Event organizers will need to contract a private waste and recycling service provider. Our Event Services team is happy to help with recommendations.

Before you apply

1.  The first step is to review our Festival and Event Manual.

It is filled with useful information about City of Calgary permitting processes and everything you need to know about planning an event with us.

This manual has been created as a guide to assist you in the application process and to identify areas that may impact the planning and success of your event.

2. Review our Festival and Event Policy before planning your event.

Event site maps

Here are several event site maps for our most popular event locations.

Fill out your event application:

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Book your festival or event

If you are planning to host a new event on City land that will involve any of the following:

  • Serving alcohol
  • Fireworks or other types of pyrotechnic displays
  • Setting up 1 or more tents or stages with a combined area of greater than 600 sq. ft.
  • Utilizing roadways or sidewalks

Book a greenspace

If your event requires booking a greenspace within a park and does not include:

  • Fireworks, open flame or other pyrotechnics
  • Tents, stages and/or other structures exceed a combined 600 square feet
  • Alcohol sales or service

What happens next

Event Services will contact you to discuss your proposed event and the next steps. 

In some cases, a liaison from Event Services will be assigned to work with you and your event and will be your contact or link to all City departments.

The application process involves a review of your Event Opportunity Form by our Event Services team as well as other City departments and our event-planning partners.

The City may refuse to accept an application for an event where the organization or any applicant, principal, director, or officer of that organization has an unpaid debt to The City relating to a previous Event. 

Renewing your festival or event

Annual festivals and events are given priority when booking City land and receiving event support.

If you host an annual event, please submit your Event Opportunity Form before November 15 to indicate your intent for the following year.

Only the same dates, times, and locations for your event will be considered for renewal. If we have not received your Event Opportunity Form by November 15, your desired venue and date may no longer be available once intake for new events begins.

Event waste, recycling & composting

Here are some tools to help your event work towards zero waste:

Other resources