Protocol and consultations

We provide guidance on how to address elected officials and foreign dignitaries, and standard protocol guidelines for ceremonies and events.

Styles of address

The City follows the Government of Canada style of address.


  • Address: His/Her Worship, Firstname A. Lastname, Mayor of (City)
  • Salutation: Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Mr./Madam Mayor
  • Conversation: Your Worship first, then Mayor Lastname

There may be times when the formal title of Your Worship/Her Worship are suitable.  In the Mayor’s personal journey of reconciliation, Mayor Gondek would like to be addressed as Mayor Gondek or The Mayor in conversation.  


  • Address: Councillor Firstname Lastname
  • Salutation: Dear Councillor Lastname or Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Lastname
  • Conversation: Councillor or Councillor Lastname or Mr./Mrs./Ms. Lastname

For other styles of address, visit the Government of Canada.

Order of precedence

The City uses the Government of Alberta's order of precedence when it comes to introductions and speaking order at special events.

Typically, introductions are from most senior position to junior position and speaking order is junior position to most senior position. Note that there are always exceptions to the rule depending on who is in attendance, who is hosting the event, and the purpose of the event. If there are multiple Members of Legislative Assembly to be introduced, put them in order based on the date of first election and then in alphabetical order by last name.

Email or call with the details of your event and we will work with you to determine the proper protocols.

If the Government of Canada is the host, the precedence is set by the Government of Canada.

If the Government of Alberta is the host, the precedence is set by the Government of Alberta.

Indigenous protocol

For events that include indigenous participants, specific protocols may be appropriate. Contact the Office of Indigenous Relations with any inquiries, email:

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Government of Canada Office of Protocol


For more information about citizen recognitions and protocol at The City, email or call 403-988-5588. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.