Municipal Complex in-person tours to relaunch September 2022.

NEW! Virtual tour

Join us for an informative tour of The City's Municipal Complex, which includes Historic City Hall, Municipal Building and Plaza, Council Chamber and Administration Building all located in the heart of downtown Calgary.

The Municipal Complex Virtual Tour narrated by a grade 6 student was launched in April 2022. 

The 28-minute video features:

  1. Introduction (0:15) – welcome and land acknowledgment
  2. City of Calgary Buildings (1:03) – tour the three buildings and outdoor plaza that make up the Municipal Complex. 
  3. Municipal Government (10:08) – learn how City of Calgary Council operates.
  4. City Services (17:06) – check out the 61 services The City is responsible for.
  5. History, Symbols and Artifacts (19:51) – learn more about the history of Calgary, the symbols that represent our city, and tour the artwork and artifacts that are located within the Complex.

You can also enjoy the tour on our YouTube channel.

In-person tours?

Complimentary in-person tours are led by a knowledgeable, specially-trained, volunteer tour guide who will lead your group through the buildings that make up the complex.  Along the way, your guide will discuss a variety of interesting facts about the buildings and provide fascinating insights about Calgary's city government.

In-person tours are available to groups of a minimum of 10 to maximum of 60 people.

Groups may include students from Grades 5 to 12, post-secondary classes, and community, seniors, youth and service groups.

When are in-person tours offered?

In-person tours are offered:

  • September to May
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Starting at 9:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.

Tours last approximately 90 minutes.

Scheduling is dependent on the availability of volunteer tour guides.

All tours must be requested in advance and will be confirmed four to six weeks prior to your requested date.

How are in-person tours requested and confirmed?

  1. The online request form below will be completed by the group and received by the City Clerk's Office.
  2. The request will be put out to the volunteer tour guides for their availability.
  3. An available volunteer tour guide will be assigned and confirmed.
  4. The requestor will be notified by email from the tour coordinator four to six weeks in advance of the requested tour date if the tour is confirmed or if more information is required.
  5. Final tour details will be coordinated between the requestor and the assigned tour guide.

Frequently asked questions about in-person tours

When will we know if our tour request has been confirmed?

Once a request has been received, a volunteer tour guide will be confirmed, and an email confirmation will be sent to the requestor to confirm the date. Tours must be booked in advance and will be confirmed four to six weeks in advance of the requested date.​​

Are we required to provide chaperones for our group?

Yes. We anticipate student and youth groups to have your own policies around chaperones. We expect a minimum of one chaperone for every 10 youth and they are to remain with the group for the entire visit. At least one female and one male chaperone are required per group. Additional chaperones will be required if there are individuals with special needs.​​​​

Are tours accessible for those with special needs?

It is important to discuss the needs of your group with the tour coordinator and/or tour guide prior to the tour. The Municipal Complex is accessible with ramps and elevators.​​

Is a translator provided?

Translators are not provided. For tours to be effective, it is recommended that individuals can understand English and/or be accompanied by the appropriate number of translators. If sign language interpreters are required, the group will need to arrange for them.​​

Can tours be customized?

Yes. Tours will cover every corner of the Municipal Complex, but the volunteer guides will do what they can to accommodate any special requests if they have time to prepare, especially if approvals are required.​​

Will we be able to attend a Council meeting?

Combined Council meetings are typically held on Tuesdays once or twice a month. See the Council calendar​ to verify when a Combined Council meeting is held. If requested in advance and based on availability, the tour guides will take the group into Council Chamber for a portion of a meeting.​​​​​​​​

Who do I contact if I must cancel a confirmed tour?

​Groups are requested to give notice to cancel a tour as soon as possible and not later than 48 hours prior to the tour date. Please email quoting the service request number.​​​

Where do we park?

​There are several pay parking lots around the Municipal Complex. The closest are:​
  • City Hall Parkade (322 - 9 Ave. S.E.)
  • Arts Commons (829 Macleod Tr. S.E.)
  • TELUS Convention Centre (727 – 1 St. S.E.)

The City Hall CTrain station is connected to the Municipal Complex.

Where do we meet our tour guide?

​The tour guide will meet your group at the information kiosk, plaza level (atrium), Calgary Municipal Building, 800 Macleod Trail S.E. at the confirmed time.​​

Can we eat or drink during the tour?

​No. Eating and drinking is not permitted while on the tour, however, if groups bring their own, they will be given the opportunity to have a snack before the tour begins.​​

Where will we store our lunches, jackets, backpacks, etc.?

​The Municipal Complex has a location where outerwear and backpacks can be stored​ for the duration of the tour only. There are no facilities within the complex to store food and beverage.​​​​​​​​

Volunteer to be a tour guide

The City offers tours of the Municipal Complex to students from Grades 5 to 12, post-secondary classes, and community, seniors, youth and service groups.

As a tour guide, you will meet new people, learn about Calgary's history and government, and gain new skills.


Are you interested in volunteering as a tour guide?


For more information, email or call 403-268-5861. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​