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Bylaws related to clearing snow and ice

The bylaw gives property owners/occupants 24 hours after a snowfall ends to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks bordering their property. For compliance and penalty details, visit our snow bylaw page.

The City is also required to clear sidewalks bordering and on City property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. 

Reporting problem properties

Contact 311 to report a sidewalk not cleared within the 24-hour time frame:

  • Sidewalks bordering private property – use the sidewalk snow report. Include the private property address for bylaw officers to follow up.
  • Sidewalks bordering City property – use the pathway snow report. Include an address or landmark details for City crews to follow up.

To report other snow/ice issues, please visit our Snow and ice concerns page.

Frequently asked questions

Where am I allowed to put the snow I've shoveled?

The bylaw states:

  • You may shovel snow from a public space (e.g. sidewalk) onto another public space (e.g. road).
  • You may not shovel snow from your private property (e.g. driveway) onto a public space (e.g. road).

In the spirit of being a good neighbour, please do not pile shoveled snow:

  • On a road to the extent that it blocks access
  • Into a crosswalk
  • On top of a storm drain
  • Into a neighbour's yard

Windrows - who clears the snow created by the plows?

​The City does not clear windrows. Property owners may choose to clear them for easier access to a driveway or on-street parking space. Our crews make every effort to minimize their size.

Who clears what?

  • ​The City clears sidewalks bordering and on City property. 
  • Private property owners/occupants clear the sidewalk/pathway bordering their property (see illustration). 
  • No one is required to clear walkways between homes.

Help with snow clearing

Snow Angels

Snow Angels are the individuals who shovel their neighbour’s sidewalk just to be a good neighbour. The City does not have a list of snow angels to match with individuals, but we do encourage the practice of helping neighbours who could use a hand. We also provide recognition to the angels we hear about through our nomination process.  Please visit our Snow Angels page for more information.

Free sand-salt mixture

Sand-salt is available for individual use on sidewalks bordering private properties. The mix helps break down snow and ice, making it easier for you to meet your snow and ice control responsibilities. Find a location near you.

This is a free service but please note:

  • Supply is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s no guarantee any is available when you arrive. Access to available supply is open at any time on any day.
  • Limit your haul to one container per visit.
  • Bring your own container (under 25 kg) and shovel.
  • Supply is for individual use only. No contractors, please.

Contracted snow services

There are many private snow clearing contractors for hire in Calgary. Some will even haul snow away and either store or melt it. Contractors who store snow must do so on their own property. The City does not have snow storage facilities for public use. Dumping snow in the Bow or Elbow River is not permitted.

Who clears what?

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Report snow and ice concerns

Report bylaw infractions, public safety hazards and other snow-related concerns.

Snow and ice concerns

Free sand and salt

Free sand-salt is available for individual use on sidewalks. Find a location near you.

Sand-salt for easier shoveling

Snow Angels

Snow Angels are especially helpful to older adults and people with limited mobility.

Snow Angels

Pathway snow clearing

The City clears up to 500 km of pathway, including sidewalks within and bordering City properties.

Pathway snow clearing

Snow and ice clearing bylaw

What you need to know about our shared snow and ice clearing responsibilities.

Snow clearing bylaw

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