Flag raising and half-mast list


Date Type Flag Occasion
Dec. 6 Half-mast All flags at Municipal Complex National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
Nov. 11 Half-mast All flags City-wide Remembrance Day
Oct. 1 Flag raising Nigeria Independence Day
Oct. 2 Flag raising United Nations International Day of Older Persons United Nations International Day of Older Persons
Date: September
Sept. 11 Half-mast All flags at Municipal Complex, Calgary Police Service and Calgary Fire Department facilities Firefighter's National Memorial Day
Sept. 15 Flag raising Guatemala Independence Day
Sept. 25 Half-mast All flags at Municipal Complex, Calgary Police Service and Calgary Fire Department facilities Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial Day
Sept. 30 Half-mast All flags City-wide National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Date: August
Aug. 5 Flag raising Jamaica Independence Day
Aug. 6 Flag raising Bolivia Independence Day
Aug. 10 Flag raising Ecuador Independence Day
Aug. 14 Flag raising Pakistan Independence Day
Aug. 15 Flag raising India Independence Day
Date: July
Date: June
June 12 Flag raising Phillipines Independence Day
June 23 Half-mast All flags at Municipal Complex National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism
Date: May
May 1 Flag raising Huntington Society of Canada Huntington Disease Awareness Month
May 7 Flag raising Poland Polish Constitution Day
May 17 Flag raising Norway National Day
May 21 Flag raising Eritrea Independence Day
May 28 Flag raising Azerbaijan Independence Day
Date: April
April 9 Half-mast All flags at Municipal Complex National Day of Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
April 25 Flag raising Australia ANZAC Day
April 28 Half-mast All flags City-wide Day of Mourning for Persons Killed or Injured in the Workplace (also known as National Day of Mourning)
Date: March
March 1 Flag raising Wales St. David’s Day
March 3 Flag raising Bulgaria National Day
March 12 Flag raising Mauritius Independence and Republic Day
March 26 Flag raising Bangladesh Independence Day
March 29 Flag raising Franco-Albertan Francophonie Month in Calgary
March 31 Flag raising Transgender Pride International Transgender Day of Visibility
Date: February
Feb. 16 Flag raising Lithuania Independence Day
Feb. 17 Flag raising Kosovo Independence Day
Feb. 24 to 27 Flag raising Ukraine To show solidarity with the people of Ukraine
Date: January