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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Safe and affordable homes for lower-income Calgarians

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Affordable Housing creates and improves access to safe and economical housing for Calgarians.  The service also provides over two thousand City-owned non-market homes for low and moderate-income Calgarians. Affordable housing is a critical component of our city and a vital factor in making Calgary's communities affordable, inclusive and accessible for all. Great cities are places where everyone can afford to live and work.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​

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Affordable Housing



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What we heard

You’ve said that new and regenerated affordable homes are a top priority for investment. You want our communities to thrive by creating jobs, strengthening residents' purchasing power, attracting employers with a stable workforce and reducing demand on emergency services for vulnerable Calgarians.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

The private housing market meets the needs of a majority of Calgary's households. But almost 20% of Calgarians struggle with housing costs. 

Council is:
  • working with all levels of government to increase housing supply,
  • pricing City land at below-market cost for affordable housing operations,
  • prioritizing and streamlining City planning services for affordable housing, and
  • creating incentives in the business and non-profit communities for affordable housing development.
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