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Community Strategies

Community Strategies

Planning and policies that support all Calgarians' social wellbeing

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Service description

Community Strategies creates plans and policies that build greater social wellbeing. We respond to unmet and emerging social needs identified by Council and Calgarians.

Together with our partners, we address social issues so Calgarians of all ages, cultures and stages of life can thrive.  To do this, we consider Calgary’s diverse population, engage with many stakeholders to determine community need, plan and implement strategic activities, and evaluate to ensure we are achieving our goals.

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What we heard

The large majority of Calgarians consider Community Strategies to be important and feel the City should invest more or the same in the service. You believe we need to work harder on ensuring good quality of life for future generations and continue to support and foster a city that is inclusive and accepting of all Calgarians.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Community Strategies is responsible for implementing Council-approved strategies including:
  • the Enough For All poverty reduction strategy,
  • the Seniors Age Friendly Strategy,
  • the Community Services Prevention Investment Framework and
  • the White Goose Flying report- a local adaptation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report.
Community Strategies, under Council direction, will continue to provide evidence-based strategies that address social issues and remove barriers to participating in civic life. Council supports championing the shared process of truth and reconciliation; using a prevention approach to stop social problems before they begin; supports delivery of equitable services through strategic approaches that remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion, and seeking opportunities to support and grow culture.
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