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Fire & Emergency Response

Fire & Emergency Response

Responds to fires, emergencies, accidents, hazards & specialized rescues

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Service description

Fire & Emergency Response addresses public safety and medical risks. We protect and reduce damage to property and the environment. We contribute to safe communities and adapt to ever-changing needs and risks, serviced by 41 fire stations, over 1200 firefighters, and providing life-saving emergency assistance to 1.2 million Calgarians and visitors across 848 square kilometres.

We handle fire and fire-related incidents, critical medical interventions, motor vehicle collisions, hazardous conditions, specialized technical rescues (water/aviation), calls for public service assistance, and fire prevention activities.

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Service performance

from fire in 2017

Service cost

per resident

What we heard

You’ve said you want safe public spaces and neighbourhoods, with maintaining or increasing current investment levels in Fire & Emergency Response. You’ve said our response time of 7.6 minutes is a reasonable time to respond. The vast majority of Calgarians say our service is important, and feel that this service is good value. You’ve said that Fire employees are courteous, professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable, and believe that interactions with Calgary Fire made you feel safe. 
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Council has directed Fire & Emergency Response in several priorities:
  • reduce risk and improve the safety of Calgarians (including seniors and the disabled)
  • improve the protection and enhancement of heritage assets
  • work with partners to address social issues impacting older Calgarians
  • ensure all communities are complete
  • shift our understanding and focus from how services are delivered to why services are delivered
  • provide equitable access to services for all Calgarians
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