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Public parking & enforcement of Calgary's parking policies & bylaws

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Parking manages municipal parking spaces and helps travel and access to businesses, services and homes in Calgary. We provide paid on-street and off-street parking, enforcement of City parking policies and bylaws, administration of permitted parking, and space management for special events.

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You’ve said more available and accessible parking throughout the city is needed, especially in downtown, at LRT stations, and near schools. You also want more affordable parking and reduced fees, and greater compliance and enforcement. You’ve told us that convenience and accessibility are important to you, followed by safety and responsiveness in enforcement.
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Council direction

Council has directed Parking to continue to help the movement of people and goods throughout the city, enhance Calgarian's safety on roads, and reduce peak-hour traffic congestion. We are to aid access to services and amenities in communities and use revenue from parking to improve transportation networks. We strive for innovations in parking management and enforcement to maintain orderly streets, accommodate urban growth, and make parking in Calgary as simple and easy as possible.
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