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Specialized transit

Specialized Transit

Safe, reliable & affordable transport for differently abled Calgarians

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Service description

Specialized transit provides specialized buses, vans and taxis for disabled Calgarians to get them where they need to be- safely, reliably and affordably. Disabled Calgarians often have fewer transportation options; we are a vital connection to the people, services and amenities Calgary has to offer.

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What we heard

You’ve said you value reliability and safety most, with overall satisfaction being good. Demand for the service is increasing with an interest in attractive, informative and quality service. Reductions in capital funding will likely impact the reliability of this service.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Council's primary concern is for all transportation options to be safe and attractive choices for Calgarians. We’re investing in the safety of specialized transit services, protecting both customers and employees. We want to provide specialized transit service to customers in existing, new and developing communities to support neighbourhoods and public spaces that are safe, accessible and inclusive.

Increased investments under this budget will help with increasing service in the areas of Calgary that are growing.
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