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Stormwater management

Stormwater Management

Collection and management of rain and snow/ice melt

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Service description

Stormwater management helps protect property from flooding and ensures healthy watersheds. We collect and manage water from rain or snow & ice melt and move it to the nearest river or creek through storm drains, pipes and ponds.

We prepare Calgarians for flooding and work with the community and other orders of government. Stormwater Management monitors the river to determine water quality and quantity, assess river bank health and works with land use and development to avoid issues that impact our water quality and flood risk.

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Service performance

Kept out of rivers per year

since 2013

Service cost

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What we heard

You’ve said you value river health, reducing risk, resilience, and service cost. We've heard about the importance of flood prevention and protecting natural areas and rivers. We have a shared responsibility with flood preparedness: The City needs to protect flood-prone communities and property owners need to accept risk and prepare for flood.
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Council direction

Climate change will alter how and when we receive precipitation in the watershed. We will improve water management practices, land use planning and design capacity of stormwater systems to strengthen resiliency to changing climate and weather events.

All Water services continue to work with the region and other orders of government, adjacent municipalities, customers, developers, and the First Nations to ensure integrated watershed management planning.

Stormwater management will support smart, sustainable development while minimizing the impact of growth on our rivers and waterways.
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