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Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry

Plants, prunes & protects Calgary's trees for a green, sustainable city

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Urban Forestry manages Calgary’s public trees in our parks and on our streets. Trees provide numerous benefits to our city, including improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff, providing shade and cooling, wildlife habitats, increased property values and creating stress-reducing environments for citizens. We plant, prune, maintain, and protect thousands of public trees and promote tree stewardship to citizens.

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You’ve said trees and Calgary’s urban forest is important to your quality of life. Trees are valued for their environmental, wellness, attractiveness and connectivity benefits. You enjoy education opportunities about the care, value and benefits of the urban forest. You send us over 13,000 service requests a year about tree inquiries, maintenance, planting and removals.
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Council direction

Urban Forestry’s work with our trees support strategies for climate change resiliency by providing shade in public spaces and cooling homes and buildings. Urban trees contribute to watershed management by reducing stormwater runoff and erosion and create aesthetically pleasing communities and public open spaces. Being near trees and forests contributes to positive mental wellbeing as well as environmental benefits such as healthy wildlife habitat and improved species diversity- all of which make Calgary a great place to live.
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