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Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP)


Easy budgeting with the monthly Tax Instalment Payment Plan

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January 1 instalment adjustment

All Tax Instalment Payment Plan accounts are reviewed in November to determine the amount of the monthly instalment from January 1 to June 1 of the next year.

Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP)

The Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) is a popular program that allows you to pay your property tax​ on a monthly basis instead of one payment in June.

Your payment automatically comes out of your chequing account the first day of every month. TIPP makes budgeting easier and eliminates the risk of a 7% late payment penalty.

How does TIPP work? - Learn more about TIPP, how it works and frequently asked questions.

Need a copy of your tax bill or a payment receipt? Tax bills are not available online. Visit property tax document request​.​​

3 Steps to join ​TIPP


Request Agreement

Request a TIPP agreement customized for a property.

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Agreement Sent

The City creates and sends you a customized TIPP agreement.



Return Agreement

Complete, sign & return the customized TIPP agreement received from The City.

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What else should I know about TIPP

Cancel TIPP

Cancel (terminate) your participation in TIPP using our secure online form.​

Change bank information

Change banks or bank accounts for your TIPP payments using our secure online form.​

Non-payment / service charges

Miss a TIPP payment or have a dishonoured TIPP payment?​

Selling or buying

​Buying a new property? On TIPP but selling your property?​

Supplementary & adjustments

​Did you receive a Supplementary tax bill? Were your taxes adjusted? How is TIPP affected?​

TIPP resources

How to fill out your TIPP agreement​​

TIPP Bylaw 9M2002​​​​​​​
TIPP brochure​​​​​​​​​