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Sickness and accident (S & A)


Permanent full-time or part-time employees in established positions after completing 90 calendar days of continuous employment as well as limited term or seasonal full-time employees after completing 180 calendar days continuous or cumulative employment.


Coverage ends upon:

  • termination of employment
  • retirement
  • leave of absence


  • City paid through payroll

Claims manager - Homewood Health

  • adjudication of S&A claims over 5 consecutive working days
  • medical case management and facilitation


  • 90% base pay to 119 calendar days for illness or injury
  • an employee is expected to reside at their normal place of residence while on S&A to be available to participate actively in rehabilitation, alternate work opportunities or medical assessments; absences may be permitted for up to five consecutive calendar days if employee notifies and receives approval from Homewood Health prior to leaving their normal place of residence
  • if a claim is denied or terminated, an appeal may be submitted within 30 days of notification

Attending Physician Statement (APS) X427

  • APS X427 is required for more than 5 consecutive working days of absence
  • completed by doctor and faxed directly by doctor or employee to Homewood Health at 1-866-460-4645.

Return to Work (RTW) X428

  • if you will require medical accommodation to return to work in your position, please contact your RTW co-ordinator to obtain a RTW form