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About the Code


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What’s in it for me?

What we do says a lot about who we are. The Code of Conduct helps us understand the importance of behaving the right way, committing to the greater public good and knowing where to go when we have questions or concerns.

Our Code of Conduct benefits us because it:

  • Outlines how we can work together to make life better every day.
  • Guides us on The City’s expectations for us and the behaviour we can expect from each other.
  • Builds and maintains a workplaceAny location where City work is being or may be conducted including work-based social gatherings. A workplace can include City buildings, vehicles, off-site meetings, customer sites or telework locations. where we treat each other with respect and help keep each other safe.
  • Protects The City’s reputation and brand ensuring that we preserve citizen trust and remain a top employer.
  • Strengthens our commitment to our vision of making Calgary a ‘great place to make a living and a great place to make a life.

Our Code of Conduct is a common reference for standards of behaviour to help us fulfill our role as public servants responsibly and with integrity.

If you are ever unsure…

Sometimes we know something is wrong – it just feels wrong. Other times, it can be hard to tell if an action we want to take breaks a City Code of Conduct policy or not. When you are in this situation, ask yourself the questions in the model below. If you are unsure at any point, pause and find the answers from someone who does know. Your leader is a great place to start.

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Our obligations as employees and leaders

We all have the responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behaviour. Our reputation for living the 4 Cs is demonstrated by each of us with every interaction, every day.

As an employee, I am responsible for:

  • Following the behaviours outlined in the Code of Conduct, its related policies and procedures, and all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ensuring I take Code training within the first 90 days of my employment and renew my training every two years.
  • Speaking up when I see behaviour that I believe violates the Code or is illegal.
  • Identifying and completing training to improve my understanding of the Code.
  • Co-operating in investigations.
  • Asking for clarification when I am not sure whether one of my behaviours, circumstances or interests may affect my being able to follow the Code of Conduct.​

As a unionized leader, I am also responsible for:

  • Directing an employee who raises a Code issue to me to an exempt leader.
  • Referring an employee who needs information on the Code to an exempt leader who can interpret and provide direction. 
  • Advising my exempt leader if I’m aware of a Code violation in our area.
  • Supporting employees to evaluate on the job decisions using the last four questions in the Code decision tool.

As a leader, I am also responsible for:

  • Leading by example - modelling the behaviours I want to see in my staff.
  • Helping my team understand the Code.
  • Creating an environment of trust and openness where staff are comfortable raising questions and concerns.
  • Documenting discussions on Code issues raised by an employee.
  • Acting on issues right away or escalating them if they are beyond my role or level of knowledge.
  • Taking corrective action to prevent risks related to Code violations.
  • Acknowledging team members whose behaviour reflects the Code and the 4 Cs.
  • Incorporating Code discussions into one-on-one meetings, and reviewing an employee's potential conflicts of interest on a regular basis.​
  • Ensuring updates to the Code are communicated to employees promptly.
  • Ensuring employees have participated in Code orientation and training.
​A leader is a person who manages a group of City employees and provides direction and support to their team. For the purposes of interpreting, investigating and escalating questions and concerns as they relate to the Code of Conduct, a leader is in an Exempt role.

The 4 Cs of our culture

The 4 Cs are the essential qualities of our organization. We look for these in our new hires, recognize them in our colleagues, and develop them in our employees.



is behaving the right way. It is our moral compass that determines how we navigate through each day. We do our work with respect, integrity, courage, empathy and compassion.

“Huge kudos for waste collector Clark, in Sandstone. I had a knee replacement and was on crutches, when I went out to collect my empty bin. Clark jumped out of the truck to help and made sure I got back in the house safely. He really deserves to be recognized for being empathetic and going out of his way to help. Thanks!”

– Citizen call to 311


is doing the right things the right way. Competence includes the sound judgment and critical thinking that helps us make decisions and determine our actions when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Frank has been serving Calgary Transit customers for 35 years. He has an enduring positive attitude and treats customers and co-workers the way he would want to be treated. During the training process for new relief supervisors, Frank taught them the right way to do things and instilled confidence in the group. These trainees now pass on the skills and behaviours they learned from Frank to others. Over the years, Frank has worked to continually improve the customer experience. He manages 70 operators using a model that is often referred to as the gold standard, as a number of his employees qualify for a White Hat Award each year.

– nominated by Calgary Transit


represents our dedication to the greater public good. We need to behave in the right way to build and preserve public trust – it is part of our dedication to the public good that makes life better every day for citizens. It affects our reputation and brand.

As Manager of Real Estate Sales & Marketing, Sarah is committed to making sure The City’s developable land is meeting the changing requirements of the local economy, businesses and Calgarians. Sarah says, “Commitment to our work, the industry, Calgarians and our future is our constant focus. By growing partnerships, engaging citizens and talking to other industry experts, we can uphold our commitment to develop real estate assets that meet the needs of both the public and business.”

– myCity employee profile


is working together for a common purpose. Our organization is interconnected, achieving success through the contribution of diverse perspectives and talent. Creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment requires that we maintain a healthy and respectful workplace – this is one critical aspect of our Code.

Collaboration was a natural part of the planning process for Bend in the Bow: working collectively helps to mitigate and anticipate any issues that may come up when designing natural spaces. It also ensures that all business units are informed and aware of the scope of the work and impact on their operational staff.

– myCity employee profile

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