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We are committed to building and maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace. We value individuals who bring diverse experience, skills and opinions to our services. We seek individuals who are committed to public service, enjoy collaborating with others, share our values and have a desire to learn and grow.

Job opportunities

Current job openings for external candidates. Internal candidates must apply through the employee portal.

Administrative/Business Serv

Job title Closing date
Senior Corporate Consultant 2021/12/03
Accounting Project Coordinator - AMENDMENT 2021/12/06
Business Support Analyst 2021/12/07
DeptId Support Administrator 2021/12/02
Corporate Consultant 2021/12/17
Customer Service Representative 2021/12/06
Business Performance Data Analyst 2021/12/08
Business Improvement Strategist - AMENDMENT 2021/12/09
Change Management Strategist 2021/12/01
Business Strategist 2021/12/14
Leader, Financial Strategy, Risk and Treasury 2021/12/06
Payroll Specialist 2021/12/01
Senior Corporate Research Analyst 2021/12/03
Workforce Planning Coordinator AMENDMENT 2021/12/07


Job title Closing date
Communication Strategist 2021/12/07

Engineering Services

Job title Closing date
Water Resources Engineer 2021/12/16

Human Resources

Job title Closing date
Human Resources Business Partner 2021/12/03
Curriculum Designer - AMENDMENT 2021/12/02

Information Technology

Job title Closing date
Information Security Advisor 2021/12/07

Labour/Operations Support

Job title Closing date
Site Manager 2021/12/02
Trackman 2021/12/01
Building Maintenance Worker 2021/12/06
Equipment Operator High Pressure 2021/12/06

Leisure Services

Job title Closing date
Skate/Hockey Instructor 1 & 2, On-Call 2022/01/10
Swim Instructor - AMENDMENT 2021/12/02
Golf Course Attendant II, On-Call 2021/12/06
Martial Arts Instructor 2 and 3, On-Call - Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or Hapkido 2022/02/16
Recreation Leader, On-Call 2022/01/25
Recreation Programmer, On-Call 2022/01/11
Clubhouse Coordinator, On-Call 2021/12/02
Martial Arts Instructor 1, On-Call - Karate or Kung Fu 2022/02/16


Job title Closing date
Team Lead, Business Improvement 2021/12/09

Property/Asset Management

Job title Closing date
TCA Reporting Lead 2021/12/08

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Job title Closing date
Probationary Firefighter 2021/11/30
Security Guard On-Call 2021/12/07

Public Transit

Job title Closing date
Community Shuttle Operator 2021/12/15


Job title Closing date
Water Management Technician 2021/11/30
Junior Operator, Water Treatment Plant 2021/12/10
Corporate Environmental Specialist 2021/11/30
Infrastructure Strategist 2021/12/07

Social Science/Services

Job title Closing date
Indigenous Relations Consultant 2021/12/13
Funding Strategist AMENDMENT 2021/12/10
Fair Entry Administrator - On - Call 2021/12/03


Job title Closing date
Journeyperson Instrumentation Technician 2021/12/07
Journeyperson Millwright 2021/12/07
Plumber Journeyman 2021/12/06
Welder Journeyman 1 (Shop) 2021/12/06

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