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Neighbourhood Grants

Do you have a great idea? Our Neighbourhood Grants turn local ideas into tangible actions. The community social workers (CSW) program offers grants of up to $1,000 to residents in the eligible neighbourhoods listed below. Grants are awarded to resident-led projects that increase social inclusion, economic participation or foster truth and reconciliation in neighbourhoods.

Have a Great Idea?

Neighbourhood Grants turn local ideas into tangible actions!

The City offers grants of up to $1,000 to residents for project ideas that:

  • Build Inclusive Neighbourhoods
  • Foster Truth and Reconciliation
  • Increase Economic Participation

Eligible communities include: Abbeydale, Acadia, Bankview, Beltline, Bridgeland, Crossroads, Downtown Core, East Village, Greenview, Highland Park, Huntington Hills, Kingsland, Manchester, Rosscarrock, Spruce Cliff and Thorncliffe.

Grants are also available for residents in the following neighbourhoods that are part of the Community Hub Initiative:

  • North of McKnight Community Hub at Genesis Centre: Castleridge | Coral Springs | Falconridge | Martindale | Saddleridge | Taradale 
  • Village Square Community Hub: Pineridge | Rundle | Temple | Whitehorn 
  • Bob Bahan Recreation Centre: Albert Park-Radisson Heights | Dover I Erin Woods | Forest Lawn | Penbrooke Meadows 
  • Sunalta Community Association: Sunalta 
  • Bowness Community Association: Bowness, Montgomery and Greenwood Village

Deadline: Grants are reviewed monthly, so please submit your applications by the 1st of each month to provide enough time for your application to be reviewed.

For more information contact:

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a Neighbourhood Granting Committee, please click here.

What Neighbourhood Grants are available in your community?

Below are some project ideas to inspire you to use the grant and stay connected with your neighbours.

Increase economic participation

Do you have an idea that will help keep money in people’s pockets? Will your idea remove financial barriers for those in your neighbourhood?

Project Examples

  • Learn to cook and can goods
  • Sports equipment and other lending libraries (following AHS safety guidelines)
  • Host neighbour skills share sessions (crochet, card making, and gardening skills)

Build inclusive neighbourhoods

Do you have an idea that will help others feel welcome and involved? Will your idea build connections between neighbours from different backgrounds?

Project Examples

  • Decorating door kits for Neighbour Day
  • Diversity outdoor mural
  • Activity kits for kids (indoor and outdoor components)
  • Gardening group workshops to stay connected (indoor and outdoor components)

Foster Truth and Reconciliation

Do you have an idea that will build relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous neighbours? Will your idea connect people to Indigenous history or culture, acknowledge what happened in the past or address the impact of colonial practices?

Project Examples

  • Ribbon skirt making class
  • Walks with an Indigenous Elder
  • Host an outdoor drum circle in a local park