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Social Work Week

In early March, The City of Calgary recognizes Social Work Week, a time to celebrate the positive impact that social workers have in our organization and communities. Social workers are essential to the work we do at The City, as they look for ways to create a sense of belonging, encourage social inclusion, and increase the social and economic participation of all Calgarians. 

Proclamation and Letter of Recognition

Social Work Week has been recognized on The City’s proclamations page. Mayor Jyoti Gondek has also issued a Letter of Recognition, which recognizes and honours social workers for their dedication in supporting Alberta’s marginalized and vulnerable populations. Calgary’s more than 2,500 dedicated social workers are on the front lines supporting clients to maintain housing, food security and mental health. 

Community Building and Service Delivery

The City of Calgary’s Community Social Workers support residents in identifying social issues and finding neighbourhood-based opportunities and dynamic community development solutions. They have an in-depth understanding of local resources and existing assets, including physical facilities and residents' skills, talents and knowledge. This approach allows for the creation of solutions based on the use of existing community assets and facilities.

Social workers are also part of The City’s strategy development and implementation teams and are the key to the success of our direct service delivery programs such as Youth at Risk Development (YARD) and Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST). Social workers at YARD and MASST work with children and families facing challenges to set goals, manage resources and provide coordinated support. 

Collaboration and Sharing

Our City social workers’ unique skill sets and knowledge are also used to build capacity and provide support to other City programs. Several other areas, including the Indigenous Relations Office, Recreation & Social Programs, and the Planning & Development Services department, regularly seek advice from social workers when engaging residents and distributing information about programs and initiatives.

Whether in community, strategy or direct service, this week is an opportunity to reflect on the role social workers play in supporting healthy individuals and groups within inclusive neighbourhoods and across our City.