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Fall Yard Waste Drop-off

As the leaves have turned, residents may soon see their yards in need of annual raking this fall season. Until Saturday, December 3rd, residents can bring their excess yard waste to a City landfill, free of charge. This will assist homeowners who still have leaves on their trees due to the lengthy period of warm weather we have seen. 

This is great for residential households that would like to dispose of extra material or for yard waste that is too large for your green cart. This program is only intended for leaves, branches, plants, and grass clippings. Please note that sod and food scraps are not to be included in these loads, and are to be placed in your green cart.

For faster service, it is recommended to visit the landfill on a weekday, or before 9AM on Saturdays when wait times are shorter. To view the hours and locations nearest you, please visit Landfill Locations and Hours

How to Prepare Your Yard Waste:

  • Always fill your green cart first.
  • Place yard waste directly inside the cart either loose or in paper bags.
  • If you use plastic bags, you must empty them at the landfill. 
  • Cover and secure your loads of yard waste before transporting to the landfill.
  • Shake off any excess soil from plants and roots.
  • Any loads containing garbage or sod will be subject to regular landfill fees.
  • Composting for sod is not available at City landfills. If you take sod to the landfill, you will be charged the basic sanitary rate​.
  • Commercial customers with yard waste will be subject to regular landfill fees. Food and yard waste mixed in garbage loads will be subject to higher fees as part of Disposal Surcharge Materials.
  • Commercial loads are not accepted at the Shepard landfill.

Place Sod and Food Scraps in Green Cart:

You may be wondering why these items aren't accepted at the landfill as part of this program. The yard waste material collected through this program is taken directly to the outdoor composting pads at City landfills. These compost pads are not permitted to accept food waste and cannot process sod.

Please place any sod or food waste into your green cart at home. Material from the green cart program goes to the indoor composting facility that can process these materials.​​​

To learn more about the Fall Yard Waste Drop-Off Program, please visit https://www.calgary.ca/waste/drop-off/yard-waste.html

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