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Green Cart Seasonal Changes - Biweekly Pickups Begin Nov 1st

Beginning November 1st,  the green cart collection schedule will change from weekly to biweekly. Citizens may see their new schedule through the Garbage Day mobile app or by visiting Calgary.ca/collection


1. Why do we change to biweekly green cart collection this time of year?
Waste & Recycling Services has set up the cart programs and collection frequencies based on the volumes received through the cart programs during different times of year. Remaining on a weekly collection frequency throughout winter would also require additional trucks and employees which would impact the rates Calgarians pay for this service.

The City has conducted cart capacity studies (performed 4 times per year for the past 10 years) which indicate that current collection frequency is meeting the needs of the vast majority of Calgarians while also balancing operational needs and our budget.

2. What are the seasonal pickup schedules? 
The Winter Schedule for biweekly pickups runs from November 1st - March 31st.
The Spring Schedule for weekly pickups runs from April 1st - October 31st. 

3. Why does the green cart schedule need to change at all?
During the winter months, green carts are primarily used for food waste and there is less yard waste to collect. As the carts are not as full, collection is reduced to every other week in the winter months.

During the spring months, when yard waste becomes more common and the weather warms up, green cart collection will resume weekly pickups.

4. Can I request a refund since my pickups are cut in half during the winter?
The monthly green cart fee already includes the cost savings for the seasonal schedule pickup changes. These savings are averaged out over the year to keep the fee consistent from month to month.

It is not a “per collection” fee, but covers the entire cost of the Green Cart program including year-round facility operation and equipment like collection trucks and carts. To learn more, visit Residential Waste Rates​.

5. Are the blue and black cart collection schedules also affected? 
No. There are no changes to blue or black cart collection.

Blue carts will continue to be collected weekly.
Black carts will continue to be collected biweekly on a separate day.

6. When do my carts need to be placed curbside?
Be sure to set carts out by 7AM on your scheduled collection day to avoid a missed pickup. 

7. Can I use extra bags for my green cart?
Yes. You can put out extra paper yard waste bags 0.5 m (2 ft) to the side of the cart.

*Until December 4th, please take advantage of the Fall Yard Waste Drop Off free of charge at the City landfills. Learn more about this program by visiting my recent blog.

8. How much can I put in the green cart?
Carts can hold 60 kg of material - paper yard waste bags have a 20 kg weight limit.

9. What items are meant to go in the green cart?
See what items can go in your Green Cart.

To learn more, please visit calgary.ca/collection to check your cart pickup schedule and sign up for reminders, or download the Calgary Garbage Day app.

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