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Mapping Products & Solutions

The City of Calgary provides extensive Geospatial products and data. Click through each of the following services that we provide, then purchase by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button provided on each of the detail pages.

Featured Products and Solutions

A Block Profile is a detailed engineering drawing of a record containing features within a public right-of-way such as curbs/sidewalks, hydrants, valves, manholes, etc. The Block Profile Plan includes three types of data:

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Other Data Products

The City holds a wide range of current geomatics mapping and other data products originally developed and continually maintained for the purpose of providing municipal services.

Hydrology (River and Waterways)

The hydrology digital file accurately displays intermittent and permanent water bodies and watercourses within Calgary. It features the Bow River, Elbow River, Glenmore Reservoir, Nose Creek, Fish Creek, irrigation canals and man-made lakes. Available in AutoCAD format, and updated daily by The City of Calgary.

Also available is the Floodway/Floodplain file that includes the main river channels (Bow and Elbow) and adjoining lands that would provide the pathway for floodwaters in the event of a flood of a magnitude likely to occur once in one hundred years.

License city-wide in AutoCAD format from CITYonline:

City-wide Hydrology fileCalgary Online Store

City-wide Floodway/Floodplain file Calgary Online Store

Tabular Data

Standard data sets for Calgary street names, and Calgary's licensed businesses. Available in comma-separated values (CSV) text file. Data is updated monthly. License through City Online:

Citywide, community, and printed maps and map books

Various licensed and unlicensed downloadable and plotted mapping products are available for purchase. These products are creating using the various City of Calgary data sets, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Community Boundary, Electoral Ward Boundary, and Transportation Utility Corridor maps are just some of the many available


Community Maps

The PDF Community Maps are accurate, convenient and inexpensive representations of an entire Calgary community. These community maps are also available in printed format, custom plotted with recent mapping data and shipped directly to your door.

Printed maps include wall maps of all Calgary communities, roadways and schools.