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Community Hubs

Where community happens

When we come together as community, and have the right supports, services and opportunities, we can thrive and contribute socially, economically, physically and mentally. We thrive when we belong.

Between 2017 and 2021 seven Community Hubs are being intentionally developed and activated in Calgary to increase social inclusion, economic participation and reduce poverty. The Hubs being developed are in these spaces:

  1. Sunalta Community Association,
  2. Bowness Community Association,
  3. The Alex Community Food Centre,
  4. Village Square Leisure Centre,
  5. Bob Bahan Aquatic and Recreation Centre, and
  6. 1000 Voices at Genesis Centre.

The Community Hubs initiative is a partnership between the United Way Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary and the Rotary Club of Calgary, in support of the Enough For All strategy.

About the Hubs

  • Community Hubs are welcoming neighbourhood gathering places that local residents visit to connect with each other and their community. They are places to relax, chat, meet up or work. A Community Hub should feel like home. Think of your favourite coffee shop, town square or park that you take your family or friends to. That is the type of environment we are looking to create.
  • Community Hubs provide residents with a central access point for a range of health and social services. This includes social, cultural, recreational, and green spaces that promote a strong and vibrant community. Each Community Hub is as unique as the community it serves.

Learn more about the Community Hub initiative.