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CEMA Community Survey Are you ready?

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) conducted a community survey to gauge the emergency preparedness and readiness of specific populations in Calgary.

The team was interested in knowing how newcomers, older adults, people with disabilities, Racialized community members, and urban Indigenous community members access and act on information related to hazards and disasters in Calgary.

The information from the survey will help inform the development of new emergency preparedness programming that better meets the needs of those most vulnerable to disasters in Calgary.

Survey objectives

  1. Understand the level of emergency preparedness for target populations in Calgary.
  2. Understand the level of knowledge of local hazards.
  3. Understand how target populations access trusted information.
  4. Understand what target populations need to increase their emergency preparedness.

Five key populations

The survey was open to all Calgary residents. However, we specifically wanted to hear from five key populations who are most vulnerable in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The target populations include the following:

  1. Newcomers
  2. Older adults
  3. People with disabilities
  4. Racialized community members
  5. Urban Indigenous community members
    (We will be working with Indigenous-led agencies and organizations to further explore the findings from the CEMA Community Survey for urban Indigenous community members.)

Survey results

Download the results to learn how ready Calgary residents are for an emergency:

Phase 2

With the support of the City of Calgary Equity in Service Delivery Fund, phase 2 of this project included a series of CEMA Community Conversations. These conversations took place in November 2023 and built on the knowledge gained from the Community Survey. In total, 11 Community Conversations were held with over 70 participants with the goal of co-creating tools and resources to better support vulnerable populations in becoming better prepared for an emergency. We are now creating prototypes of ideas generated through the Community Conversations. If you’re interested in learning more about the prototypes being developed and would like to participate in our upcoming workshops, email us at