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351 energy-labelled commercial and institutional buildings

Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement

This program is not on track according to The City’s objective to have year over year increases in the number of buildings participating in the program. In 2023-2024, The City is prioritizing removing barriers to increase program participation.

The Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program, Benchmark YYC, collects commercial and institutional building energy and GHG emissions data to understand how buildings use energy and create emissions.

This data helps The City understand the range of energy performances in commercial and institutional buildings. This information will help support developing better building performance standards.

In 2020, there were 347 buildings participating in the program. In 2021, that number increased to 397 but then dropped to 351 in 2022.

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Better information, better buildings

When building owners and operators know building energy and GHG emission data, it helps them understand what to consider for better energy performance. They can use this information when doing building renovations, tenant leases, and determining property value.

Providing this information gives value to properties that consume less energy per square meter, and subsequently, produce less emissions.

The Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program is complemented by the Home Energy Label Program. It empowers Calgarians to understand their home’s energy use and make informed decisions to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Municipal Building
Municipal Building in Calgary, one of the buildings included in the Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Increasing participation

Participation in the program is dependent on several factors including local awareness, access to utility and emissions data, and acceptance to disclose information. In 2023-2024, The City is prioritizing removing barriers to participation by advocating for modernized utility data access, promoting leadership in data transparency, and offering financial incentives and non-financial benefits to participants.

Leadership in green buildings

The City of Calgary is taking a leadership role in advancing green and energy efficient building technologies. Find out more at: Our green building projects (

Brookfield Place in Calgary, one of the privately owned buildings participating in the Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Brookfield Place in Calgary, one of the privately owned buildings participating in the Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program.

Plans and strategies

Fulfilling the 2023-2026 Climate Implementation Plan

Focus Area: Buildings

Supporting Calgary’s Climate Strategy

Theme:   Net zero homes and buildings