Applying for an outdoor patio

How to apply

There are two types of outdoor patios and each will require different permits.

  • Development Permit for Outdoor Patios on private property
  • Temporary Permission for Outdoor Patios on the parking lane or on the public sidewalk

Once your application has been submitted, you may be notified that you will also require a Building Permit.

If the patio will be on private property or spans over private and public property, we encourage a pre-application meeting, but it is not always necessary.

Contact the Planning Services Centre at 403-268-5311 or through live chat. Our Community Planning team will help you with this process.

If the patio will be on public property, like the public sidewalk or in the parking lane, Roads will issue the Permission. Please review the 2023 Guidelines for Seasonal Patios located on public property document for guidelines and application requirements. Start the process by emailing

Development Permit

You need a development permit for an outdoor patio if the patio is proposed on private property like a parking lot.

Seasonal patio on public property

You will need permission if the patio proposed is on a parking lane or public sidewalk. Please refer to the 2022 Guidelines for Seasonal Patios located on public property document.

Building permit

Some patios will require a building permit. Download building permit guidelines and a permit requirement list for outdoor patios.

What is a development permit?

Development permits are required for outdoor patios on private property. They are a discretionary permit. They require circulation, a notice posting, and 21-day appeal period. Find out more at additional permits for outdoor patios and cafes​.

What if I have an existing outdoor patio?

If you have an existing patio with an approved development permit (not temporary), the patio approval is permanent and does not need to be renewed. If you would like to increase the size of an existing patio an updated application is required.


For 2022, fees for seasonal patios will be waived to assist businesses during this transition year. This includes Development Permit and public land use fees.

Patio application process

Choosing a location

When considering if a seasonal patio will work for your location, evaluate if your site can still maintain pedestrian safety and accessibility. The temporary permission comes with conditions, including requirements from Alberta Health and Occupational Health and Safety.

If your location is near an ENMAX utility grate, ensure tables, chairs and structures are 2 metres away from these grates. Additional guidance is provided in the 2022 Guidelines for Seasonal Patios located on public property.

Health and Safety

Businesses with patios will be required to follow Alberta Health Services requirements, guidance from the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, as well as Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

For patios on public property, you must acknowledge:

If serving alcohol, establishments are required to follow Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) requirements and permitting requirements.

If you want to install an outdoor fire pit please apply for an Open Flame Permit.

Patio application and inspection process

For our regular, full patio process, please see ​​​​​​Outdoor Patios and Cafés Process​​.