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TDK LiDAR functionality testing

A City of Calgary Living Lab in progress

What’s being tested

Through the Living Labs program, TDK is testing an Indoor Positioning solution software as a service (SaaS) called VENUE.  TDK will be testing VENUE’s LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) survey techniques. They will use iPhones, VENUE positioning tags and the TDK VENUE app to scan, collect and process data related to permanent building features at Village Square Leisure Centre. These features include outlines of hallways, Wi-Fi access points, walls and structures.

  • When is this Living Lab in action?

    Trusted Positioning Inc. (TDK) will be testing their product at Village Square Leisure Centre throughout 2024.

How will the technology be tested?

The purpose of the test is to evaluate the performance of VENUE, a software that runs on an iPhone and uses LiDAR technology. The test will consist of three phases: LiDAR scanning, signal survey using LiDAR, and positioning using VENUE technology.

The Vanue is scanned until all surveyable areas are LiDAR mapped

During the LiDAR scanning phase, TDK will scan different areas of Village Square with an iPhone. The application (VENUE), which is installed on the iPhone, will process the scans and convert them into a 3D model and cross-section of the room. 

Surveyor continues to efficently survey the Venue

During the signal survey using LiDAR phase, a TDK tester will wear a backpack equipped with VENUE tags and an iPhone to collect signal data. VENUE will use LiDAR data to position itself while collecting signals on a backpack. The iPhone camera will be on for visibility and positioning purposes, but it will not record any video or images of the space.

During the final positioning test phase, the testers will move about Village Square with only VENUE tags and an iPhone, and will use a laptop to verify positioning accuracy.

Image processing and data collection

TDK VENUE scans, collects and processes data related to permanent building features. This includes outlines of hallways, Wi-Fi access points, walls and structures. The scan will be directed at building features. Scans will not be able to collect or recognize individual people or temporary objects. No identifiable information will be collected from the public during the testing process.

Only public areas managed by The City of Calgary will be accessed and scanned. Corporate Security, Good Earth, Ace Daycare and The Public Library will not be used in testing. Additionally, private areas such as change rooms and bathrooms will not be scanned. 

How is this a Living Lab?

TDK was looking for a large indoor facility to pilot and test their indoor positioning solution. As part of this program, TDK has been granted access to the Village Square Leisure Centre, where they can test their product in a large-scale, complex environment. Read more about the Living Labs.

About TDK

Trusted Positioning Inc. was originally founded as an Inertial Navigation software company in Calgary and is now part of TDK, a global technology company. 

The Indoor Positioning solution software as a service (SaaS) they are testing through Living Labs, VENUE, is designed to help factories, warehouses, hospitals and construction companies track and optimize their workflows, assets and equipment, thereby saving them time, money and resources. The specific feature they are testing through Living Labs aims to make deployment of new customer facilities more efficient.

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