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Indoor Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking

Indoor vehicle and pedestrian tracking

A City of Calgary Living Lab in progress

What’s being tested

Through the Living Labs program, Trusted Positioning Inc. (TDK) is testing their software VENUE to find out if it can accurately track the movement of indoor vehicles, like forklifts, and people. The test will use smartphones, special tags, and the VENUE software.

This Living Lab will build on the current LiDAR and positioning tests happening at Village Square Leisure Centre.

  • When is this Living Lab in action?

    TDK will be doing testing at The City's Manchester Building A from May 2024 until May 2025.

How will the technology be tested?

TDK will track forklift and pedestrian movements using smartphones, VENUE tags, and the VENUE app. TDK will use smartphones to collect LiDAR data to position itself and collect signals. The camera on the smartphones may be used for visibility and positioning purposes, but it will not record any video or images of the people within the space.

The tests will consist of three activities:

  • Facility set-up

    Activity 1

    TDK will prepare the Manchester area for tracking, using methods tested at Village Square Leisure Centre.

    Testers will first use smartphones to do LiDAR scans of the area, which VENUE will use to create a 3D model and cross-section of the space.

    Next, a tester will walk around the area with a backpack containing an iPhone and VENUE tags to collect real-time positioning data and ambient signals.

    Lastly, TDK will do a final check of the positioning using VENUE tags, smartphones, and a laptop.

  • Vehicle tracking

    Activity 2

    TDK will collect motion sensor data and usage data from VENUE tags which will be mounted on motorized forklifts used at the Manchester warehouse.

  • Pedestrian tracking

    Activity 3

    During the pedestrian tracking tests, TDK will use VENUE tags and smartphones, carried by TDK testers and on-site employees who have volunteered to help out, to gather data on walking patterns and foot traffic in the warehouse.



Image processing and data collection

TDK VENUE scans, collects and processes data related to permanent building features such as outlines of hallways and Wi-Fi access points, walls and structures. The scan will be directed at building features. Scans will not be able to collect or recognize anyone or any temporary objects. No identifiable information is going to be collected from people working in the area during the testing process.

Only areas approved by The City will be accessed and scanned. Private areas such as washrooms and areas identified as off-limits will not be scanned. 

How is this a Living Lab?

TDK was looking for a large working warehouse where they could test VENUE’s ability to track vehicle and pedestrian activity. As part of this program, TDK has been granted access to Manchester Warehouse Building A, where they can test their product in a large-scale, complex environment. Read more about the Living Labs program.

About TDK

Trusted Positioning Inc. was originally founded as an Inertial Navigation software company in Calgary and is now part of TDK, a global technology company. 

The Indoor Positioning solution software as a service (SaaS) they are testing through Living Labs, VENUE, is designed to help factories, warehouses, hospitals, and construction companies track and optimize their workflows, assets, and equipment, thereby saving them time, money and resources. The specific feature they are testing through Living Labs aims to improve the efficiency of setting up new facilities for customers.

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