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ZeroSound active noise suppression testing

A City of Calgary Living Lab in progress

What’s being tested

Through the Living Labs program, ZeroSound is testing the performance of its active noise reduction technology in different parks and fields owned by The City of Calgary. ZeroSound’s technology collects information about environmental noise to block sound waves using ZeroSound’s specially designed panels.

  • When is this Living Lab in action?

    ZeroSound is testing its noise suppression technology in City-owned parks and fields until Aug. 31, 2024.

How will the technology be tested?

ZeroSound will set up its noise blocking speaker panels, regular speakers and a microphone. During the test, ZeroSound will use the speakers to play sounds as loud as 75 decibels, then the ZeroSound active noise blocking panels will capture and process the noise from the speakers and produce noise cancelling sound waves ranging from 80 hertz to 2 kilohertz to cancel out the noise coming from the speakers. They will also use a microphone to check how loud the noise is during the test.

ZeroSound’s digital noise blocking panels
ZeroSound’s digital noise blocking panels

Data collection and privacy

ZeroSound uses microphones to listen to the sounds that come out of the speakers and measure how the noise blocking panels are working. Audio is recorded visually in the form of a frequency response graph. Identifiable audio information such as human voices will not be captured, processed, or saved by ZeroSound during testing. 

How is this a Living Lab?

Through The City’s Living Labs program, we are helping ZeroSound test their active digital noise blocking panels by providing access to City-owned recreational fields and parks.

About ZeroSound

ZeroSound develops environmental noise reduction technology.

ZeroSound’s technology:

  • Collects data about environmental noise and actively cancels sound waves using ZeroSound’s active digital noise blocking panels.
  • Provides noise suppression solutions that can easily scale from large outdoor stadiums down to the inside of a noisy cab.
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