Title: General Manager, Operational Services

Areas of focus: As the General Manager of the Operational Services, Doug oversees a team of 7,000 employees who deliver the public works and services needed to run a great city.

Operational Services employees work collaboratively to maintain our city’s valuable public infrastructure, natural spaces, ecosystems and parks, civic buildings and facilities, City vehicles and equipment and our utility corridors.

We deliver high quality, safe drinking water, mobility services and transportation networks, and we manage waste, recycling, compost, wastewater and stormwater.

Key areas of focus include customer service, collaboration and efficiency, safety, protecting public health and our environment.

Career history: Doug brings more than 30 years of experience as an engineer, strategic leader and technical expert, bringing an inclusive, 'people-first' approach to his position as the General Manager of Operational Services.

Since coming to The City of Calgary from the engineering consulting industry, Doug held several roles in the Transportation Planning group before moving to Calgary Transit to become the Manager of Service Design. Doug became Director of Calgary Transit in 2012, and the General Manager of the Transportation Department in September 2019. During that time, he helped deliver key projects including real-time customer information, the CTrain 4-car expansions, the Route Ahead 30-year Strategic Transit Plan, the 70km MAX BRT system and the opening of the West LRT. In 2022, Doug became the General Manager of Operational Services.

A life-long learner and University of Calgary alumnus, Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, a Master of Engineering (specializing in transportation engineering), a Master of Business Administration and a master’s certificate in Municipal Leadership.

Doug also is committed to giving back to the community by holding roles as President of the Southern Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Chair of Child Find Alberta, and Chair of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

Leadership philosophy: Doug recognizes that successful leadership is first about people.

Bringing a down-to-earth, approachable and collaborative style, Doug strives to foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration and problem solving. He values strong relationships, and that's evidenced by the rapport he carries with colleagues and external clients and customers.

Doug is a proponent of taking a customer-centric perspective, and firmly believes that those on the 'frontlines' are the heart of the organization.