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Future-ready infrastructure

Future-ready infrastructure

What is future-ready infrastructure?

Future-ready infrastructure means having systems and networks in place that meet current needs but are also flexible, reliable and scalable to meet the community’s future needs for decades to come. If the infrastructure is designed for the diverse and changing needs of the community, it can be used as intended as well as accommodate unintended uses.

Illustration by AUArts student Monica Candra

Benefits of future-ready infrastructure

  • Support capital investment to provide resilience to shocks and stresses, such as
    • flood adaptation and mitigation
    • facility and infrastructure sensors
    • fibre optic communication
  • Develop public policy and infrastructure to support:
    • high-quality drinking water
    • reliable stormwater systems
    • effective wastewater treatment
  • Improve funding to support local economy and citizen livelihoods by stimulating multiple sectors and create jobs.

Working towards creating future-ready infrastructure

The City of Calgary is focusing on designing infrastructure that is adaptable while delivering additional benefits to the community. A key component of  Calgary infrastructure planning and investment strategy is to consider future stresses and shocks  while sustaining a growing city.


We are initiating an enterprise-wide approach to infrastructure investment to better reach multiple resilience goals.   Resilience is at the heart of The City’s integrated plan to ensure watershed health, biodiversity, and flood mitigation. An example of a project that supports mulptile goals is the  Bioengineering Demonstration and Education Project (BDEP). It uses organic materials for slope stabilization, erosion reduction and vegetation establishment.

Projects may include:

  • Stimulating the economy by increasing the quality and velocity of capital expenditures.
  • Strengthening investment decision-making to maximize the return for Calgarians.
  • Enhancing capital delivery efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improving transparency and line of sight.
  • Attracting investment.
  • Implement an integrated watershed management plan and develop a watershed investment strategy forCalgary.


We are working to maintain and improve the current infrastructure that supports service needs instead of focusing on new builds.

Service alignment

We created Capital Infrastructure Investment Principles and capital prioritization criteria to provide greater alignment to our service or business plans and budgets.


Infrastructure Calgary

Provides a corporate approach to capital investments to support infrastructure resilience, organizational alignment and a cultural shift to integrated service delivery and intentional management of The City’s capital portfolio. Visit the Infrastructure Calgary page.