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Authorize an agent

An individual or company is permitted to act as a representative/authorized agent for an assessed person* in interactions with The City of Calgary associated with the annual assessment process.

Appointing an agent​

To appoint an agent to act on your behalf, you, as a property and/or business owner, must complete the authorization process each year for each account (property and/or business) selected. To authorize an agent, go to Assessment Search and log into your account. Paper authorizations will not be accepted. If you require further help in authorizing an agent, please reference the how to guides at the bottom of the Assessment Search page, Property owner how to guide and Business owner how to guide.​

This authorization also provides your agent representative the ability to upload/view and submit evidence on your behalf if a formal complaint has been filed.

*"Assessed person" refers to the person named on an assessment roll in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, section 304.​


Assessment Search is our online resource for property and business owners to access more detailed information about their assessment and property details.