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Eau Claire Plaza Redesign

Eau Claire Plaza Redesign

The Eau Claire Plaza is being redesigned as part of the refresh of the Eau Claire area to allow for more flexible year around uses and improved accessibility for all residents and visitors. Its new design will embrace everyday community gatherings in addition to spaces for hosting larger events and festivals.

The design will be well integrated with the adjacent market redevelopment, downtown flood barrier, Eau Claire promenade, and Jaipur bridge replacement. As a place grounded in history, this space will be reimagined into a vibrant world class attraction for social and cultural gatherings.

Construction of the Eau Claire Plaza is partially funded at this time. Once fully completed, the plaza will become an iconic gateway to the area and a vibrant destination that compliments the improvements occurring around it. This project is being launched and coordinated with the overarching Eau Claire Area Improvements.

For the Community and the City

A Vibrant Plaza…
Animated year-round with programming and events, large and small.

A Flexible Plaza…
With comfortable spaces and quality amenities that embrace everyday community use.

Resilient and Responsible

A Green Plaza…
Which exemplifies best practices for sustainable design and uses high quality materials.

An Authentic Plaza…
Honouring the natural, cultural and social heritage of the site.

Active and Multi-Modal

An Integrated Plaza…
With clear connections to pathways, local amenities, transit, and the adjacent community.

An Accessible Plaza…
With opportunities for all ages + abilities.


These are artist renderings of the proposed redesign.

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*Only partially funded at this time


Design Development completion fall 2020. Construction TBD

Past events

April 13, 2019

October 5, 2019