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Crowchild Trail Upgrades: Medium and long-term plans

The medium- to long-term plans are recommended to be implemented beyond 10 years (2027+). This means acquiring private properties, or beginning design and construction of the medium-term plan is not expected for 10 years; the plans are currently unfunded. The next step is to bring the plans forward as a candidate project for the Investing in Mobility Capital Plan.

Investing in Mobility is a strategic plan that defines the priority and timing of capital transportation infrastructure projects for the next 10 years and helps to inform Council's capital budget decisions. If it is determined to include the projects within the medium- and long-term plans as part of the Investing in Mobility Capital Plan, the projects will then be prioritized in one of the four infrastructure categories. Projects are prioritized based on key directional and policy documents like the Calgary Transportation Plan and Action Plan. Once prioritized, funding sources will be identified and allocated.

View this graphic to learn more about the infrastructure planning process.

The recommendations are a result of our work with Calgarians over the last two years. They provide convenient and attractive transportation options that will reduce the number of trips that rely on the use of personal vehicles and at the same time, best align with the study's key principles and goals.

Click on the images below to view the medium- and long-term recommendations.

Click on the images below to view sketches of the recommendations.

Click on the images below to view the recommendations for noise attenuation, green space enhancements, pedestrian and bikes connections, transit, and transportation measures.

Planning and funding of recommendations

This map demonstrates how the medium- and long-term recommendations could be grouped or staged for construction. Implementation of the medium-term recommendations is anticipated beyond 10 years from today. The long-term plan is anticipated beyond 30 years from today.

Medium term recommendations legend

View the Infrastructure Planning Process Graphic to learn more about planning, funding and implementation.

Cost estimate

The estimated cost to implement the medium-term recommendations is $1.3 billion ($800 million to $2.2 billion, Class 4 estimate range in 2016 dollars). The estimated cost to implement the long-term recommendations is $250 million ($150 million to $400 million, Class 4 estimate range in 2016 dollars).

The cost estimates include all the recommendations in each plan: infrastructure, walking and cycling connections, noise attenuation, transit, green spaces, transportation measures, and land acquisition.

Cost estimate hierarchy

Transportation projects follow The City of Calgary's Project Management Framework. The framework is consistent with industry standards and best practices. It uses the following five-stage process for estimating and establishing budgets over the entire life of a project.

Cost estimate hierarchy chart

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