Frequent Player Cards

Frequent Player Cards for 2023

Frequent Player Cards

Frequent Player Cards are an ideal option for those who golf more than 35 rounds per year and want the flexibility to play unlimited games at reduced rates on a variety of courses.

Frequent Player cards SOLD OUT for 2023.

Reminder: Review Frequent Player Card information including green fee rates and conditions.

Frequent Player Card FAQs

What is a Frequent Player Card?

As part of the Golf Sustainability Framework, the Frequent Player Card was introduced in 2015 as part of the revised golf course fee structure. The Frequent Player Card is an ideal option for avid golfers who want the flexibility of being able to play unlimited games at a variety of our courses. 

The Frequent Player Card is currently priced at $249 (regular rate) and $199 (senior rate). This year, 400 regular and 400 senior cards will be available. With the purchase of a card the golfer is then eligible for reduced green fee rates for each game they play.

To optimize the value of a card a Frequent Player would ideally need to play more than 35 rounds per year.

Who can register for a Senior Frequent Player Card?

To be eligible for the Senior Frequent Play Card, you must be 65 years+ on or before April 1, 2023. Your date of birth must be included on your Live and Play account to register for a Senior Frequent Player Card. 

Can I register in both age categories?

No, you cannot register in both categories. Seniors 65 years+ are eligible to enter in either the Regular or Senior Frequent Player Card selection process. Only 1 registration per person will be accepted. There will not be an opportunity to switch or choose between the Regular and Senior Frequent Player age categories once registration closes. If a Senior registers in both age categories, registration in both categories will be disqualified. 

Why is there a limit on the number of Frequent Player cards available?

For municipal courses, the provision of discounts needs to balance demand, a fixed number of tee times and locations with the requirement for golf to be 100 per cent cost recovered (i.e. user pay).  A limit to the number of cards is also needed to ensure sufficient tee time availability for other golfers including green fee players and other players taking advantage of other discount options.

Additional discount options will be available including the Easy Golf card and ad-hoc special promotions subject to demand and tee time availability. This information will be posted online throughout the golf season at

What other discount opportunities are available this season?

Easy Golf is a convenient way to save up to 20% on regular green fees and is a great option for those who play 10+ games per season. Cards cost $350 and give you a discount on green fees 7 days a week at Confederation Park, Maple Ridge, McCall Lake 18 and Shaganappi 18. Find out more about Easy Golf.

In addition, ad-hoc specials and discounts will be available throughout the season and through our golf app (ensure notifications are turned on). Please download our golf app and  subscribe to our golf e-newsletter for information on more discount opportunities. 

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