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Module 4 Community listening

Learning objectives

This module will help you develop a deeper understanding of engaging with and listening to communities, including both methods and barriers to accomplishing this critical aspect of ABCD work. After completing it, you’ll be better equipped to identify and implement the appropriate listening method for your specific context, with an added focus on building trust and relationships in the process. 

Put it into practice

Local story | Smudging, community and reconciliation

Based on residents’ desire for continued cultural connections, quarterly smudge sessions with an Elder were organized by two resident volunteers at a Southwest apartment complex and the Community Social Worker (CSW). In addition to the smudge sessions, the CSW worked with the Elder and residents to create a smudge kit (shell, wooden matches, medicines and educational information) for use within the building so that neighbours would have access to supplies and knowledge needed to smudge. The smudge kit and sessions have been very impactful. Stories were shared about loss and life and community. Residents expressed the importance of having this type of connection in their lives — whether it was something they had not been connected to in their early lives or they had become disconnected from over time. Participants in the program were identified as both Indigenous and non-Indigenous; all had a shared common history of experiencing homelessness. This work is an example of the concrete actions necessary to further the promise and premise of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and promote authentic belonging, understanding and inclusion.

Local story | We welcome winter

In December 2023, the Community Social Worker in Huntington Hills, together with the neighbourhood’s Community Connectors, partnered with environmental and recreation program providers to host a We Welcome Winter! event. The initiative was designed to bring folks together to embrace winter, encourage physical well-being and reduce social isolation. By all these measures, the event was a great success.  Furthermore, in addition to providing time for residents to develop relationships with each other, it also afforded people the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of, and unity with, the precious gift of our physical environment and neighbourhood parks.

Local story | Outdoor fitness classes connecting neighbours in Evergreen

In 2023, the Calgary Evergreen Community Association (CECA) identified a programming gap as a need for more activities to be offered to families in their community. A proposed pilot project encouraged residents of all ages to participate in community-based, outdoor Zumba and Yoga classes. The community association worked with their Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator to apply for the Inspiring Neighbourhoods Grant. This project aimed to help families in Evergreen who stayed in town during the summer months to remain engaged and active while connecting with their neighbours throughout the weeks of July and August. These weekly programs were drop-in and accessible to anyone interested in attending. They took place at various Evergreen greenspaces. The classes were well attended, and program participants reported they enjoyed spending time with family, being active outdoors, and connecting with fellow residents. The program was considered an overall great success, and the community association hopes to continue the program in the summer of 2024.

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